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Welcome to Faculty of Language and Communication (FLC). The faculty offers academic programmes related to linguistics, language studies and communication studies. It also serves as the one-stop-centre for the learning of Bahasa Melayu, English language, foreign language (e.g. French, Japanese, Mandarin) and borneo language (e.g. Iban, Bidayuh and Melanau) courses. In addition, we also offer beginner level courses to cater the needs of international students, staff and also the public. The faculty has been instrumental in introducing our students to other languages and cultures through the third language courses offered under the university elective programme.

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Since 1998, the Faculty has grown bigger in human resources. As of now, there are 58 academicians & researchers, with 35 supporting staffs to strengthen the Faculty's core business and services. Without these people, the Faculty could not achieve what you see today.

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Partners & Collaborations

Over the years, FLC has collaborated with several reputable institutions related to language especially in terms of language preservation. We have worked with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Malaysia, Perpustakaan Negeri Sarawak (PUSTAKA), Sarawak Museum, Yayasan Sarawak and so on.

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The affiliates linked to FLC are the Language and Linguistics Society (Persatuan Bahasa dan Linguistik),

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Community & Industry Engagement

We are committed in helping others in need. Our team consists of academics, researchers and students.

The focus is to educate the local communities on the latest technologies and also to help them by applying the practices in their daily works.

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FLC welcomes strategic partnerships with organisations and corporations that are linked to language studies and education.

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